McAuley Tree Surgery

Quality Firewood

Firewood for Sale, Coleraine

We supply the highest quality of both hardwood and softwood. Contact us for availability, or check our Facebook page for our latest offers.


Firewood Price*
Kiln Dried Barrow Bag of Hardwood
Kiln Dried Bulk Bag of Hardwood
Bulk Bag of Fresh Cut Softwood
Bulk Bag of Fresh Cut Hardwood
5 Bulk Bags of Fresh Cut Hardwood
10 Bulk Bags of Fresh Cut Hardwood
Softwood Tipper Load
Hardwood Tipper Load
Kiln Dried Hardwood Tipper Load

Delivery only available on tipper loads

We also sell Woodchip

We sell Woodchip all year round and other other items on a seasonal basis. Follow our Facebook page for the latest up to date offers and information.