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Tree Felling & Removal

As much as we love trees sometimes they must be removed for a variety of reasons. An unhealthy tree can pose a danger to yours or neighbouring properties, or people for that matter. It may be something simple like the tree blocks light from reaching your kitchen window. The modern techniques and equipment we use in tree removal provides the safest and most efficient service available. We will treat you and your property with the utmost respect; it will be left exactly as we found it, (minus the tree). No Stress, No Mess.

Tree Felling

If we have the space and the terrain allows for it we will fell the tree using a rope assisted fell technique. This will guarantee the tree falls the right way when cut, then we are just left to cut it up into firewood for you to keep and we will remove the waste wood chippings.

Tree Dismantle / Section Fell

This is where we have a huge amount of experience within our team and therefore most of our work involves removing large tree from small spaces. In most cases we climb the trees using a rope and harness technique, we find this safer than using cherry pickers and elevated platforms, it also reduces the cost for the customer. Each piece we cut is lowered down on our rigging system in a controlled and safe manner; this will avoid damage to any obstacles below, i.e. houses, oil tanks, green houses.

Site Clearance

We are often asked to clear large areas of trees for new builds and other development projects. This is where our large machinery comes into play. We can clear large areas of trees, shrubs and brash in a brief period of time. This makes us competitive in price and gets your project underway sooner than you can imagine.

Tree Enhancements

Crown Reductions

This is where the overall size of the tree is reduced. This work may we carried out for a variety of reasons, such as; your tree has out grown its surroundings and is blocking to much light. It can also be done to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tree, shaping the tree and balancing the crown is the ideal improvement to any garden.

Crown Thinning

If a tree on the large side and it is exposed to wind it is sometimes a clever idea to thin out the crown. This allows the wind to pass through the tree and reduces the sail effect making the tree more stable and trusting in its root system.

Deadwooding / Crown Clean

Deadwood can be very dangerous, you never know when it is going to snap out and land on something or someone. We can climb and removal all dead wood and supressed or weak branches.

Formative Pruning

This is where we remove any potential problems in young trees, this will help them keep their shape and heath in late life. Nip it in the bud.

Aerial Tree Inspections & Assessments

There is only so much you can see from the ground. If you have any concerns about a tree we can climb into the canopy and check it out, this way we can see every inch of the tree and you will know for sure if there are any problems. We then write this in a report along with any work recommendations and a quote for carrying out the work.

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