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NI Tree Surgeon Guide: Pricing, Services & What to Expect

Trees can add so much to your home in many ways, but only if they are maintained properly. Overgrown and neglected trees often cause problems in your home and your neighbours. It could be overhanging branches, blocking out light, root damage to walls or paving or simply getting too big for its situation. 

When it comes to trees, always hire a professional tree surgeon no matter how small the job. If a tree has been maintained and pruned properly throughout its life it is much more likely to thrive in your garden, it will also give you peace of mind when winter storms arrive, knowing that your tree is in its best possible shape to withstand adverse weather conditions.

What Is A Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon, also known as an arborist or arboriculturist is a professional who specialises in tree surveys, tree planting, tree removal and various types of tree pruning and maintenance. It involves climbing trees, working from heights, moving heavy timber and operating large and small machinery.

Why Might I Need a Tree Surgeon?

The services of a tree surgeon may be required for basic tree maintenance, such as pruning. A tree surgeon can also spot signs of decay and bark abnormalities that can be signs of more serious underlying issues. If a tree needs to be completely uprooted and removed, a tree surgeon is also able to do so safely.

What Services Do Tree Surgeons Provide in Northern Ireland?

1. Crown Reductions

This is where the overall size of the tree is reduced. This work may be carried out for a variety of reasons, such as; your tree has outgrown its surroundings and is blocking too much light. It can also be done to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tree, shaping the tree and balancing the crown is the ideal improvement to any garden. One of the most popular services provided by tree surgeons.

2. Crown Thinning

If a tree is on the large side and it is exposed to wind it is often a good idea to thin out the crown. This allows the wind to pass through the tree and reduces the sail effect making the tree more stable and trusting in its root system.

3. Deadwooding / Crown Cleaning

Deadwood can be very dangerous, you never know when it is going to snap out and land on something or someone. We can climb and remove all dead wood and suppressed or weak branches. Tree surgeons have the work at height equipment to remove these weak branches safely.

4. Formative Pruning

This is where tree surgeons remove any potential problems in young trees, this will help them keep their shape and health in late life. Nip it in the bud.

5. Tree Removal / Felling

If we have the space and the terrain allows for it tree surgeons will fell the tree using a rope assisted fell technique. This will guarantee the tree falls the right way when cut, then we are just left to cut it up into firewood for you to keep (or if unwanted we can take it with us) and we will remove the waste wood chippings.

6. Tree Removal / Dismantle / Sectional Fell

This is where we have a huge amount of experience within our team and therefore most of our work involves removing large trees from small spaces. In most cases tree surgeons climb the trees using a rope and harness technique, we also use elevated work platforms, telehandlers and cranes to help make tree removal more efficient. In a confined area each piece we cut is lowered down on our rigging system in a controlled and safe manner; this will avoid damage to any obstacles below, I.E. Houses, oil tanks, green houses.

7. Stump Removal

Post-felling, a tree surgeon will also deal with the stump left behind. This may need to be removed or it can be ground down to make sure there are no dangerous roots left behind.

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What Are the Main Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Surgeon in Belfast?

1. Specialist Skills, Training & Experience

A professional tree surgeon will get the job done right the first time round. We receive numerous calls from customers who have been let down but a ‘tree cutter’ who made a start on a job and then didn’t come back to finish it. It’s always more efficient to hire a professional tree surgeon the first time around.

2. Fully Insured Service

A professional tree surgeon will have full public liability insurance, employers liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. When you are getting a quote from a tree surgeon (or from any professional service for that matter) always ask for proof of these documents.

Tree surgery is a high risk job both for property and operators, if you know that these insurances are in place in case of an accident it will put your mind at ease. Always hire a professional, always ask for proof of insurance.

How Much Do Tree Surgeons Charge for Their Services in Belfast and Northern Ireland?

This is different for every individual job.

Factors That Will Determine How Much a Tree Surgeon Quotes for the Job Include –

  1. The quantity of trees,
  2. The size of trees and
  3. Volume of waste,
  4. The access to the tree,
  5. Are there any obstacles near the trees?

A professional tree surgeon will provide a fixed quote and a detailed description of the work and will stick to that quote regardless of how long the work takes.

To give you an idea, a team can cost anywhere between £600 and £1000 per day, this can increase with use of heavy machinery such as cranes or timber lorries.

How Long Does an Average Tree Removal Take?

The time it will take to remove a tree depends very much on the size of the tree as well as its location. If the tree is only small and does not pose a hazard to any nearby property, these can usually be removed in just a few hours.

However, larger trees can take a full working day or more depending on how complex the removal process is and any nearby safety issues, like overlying powerlines.

What Qualifications Does a Tree Surgeon Need in Northern Ireland?

In order to qualify as a professional tree surgeon, there are a number of certifications required, as well as an aptitude for the physicality of the job, which needs to be done in all

All qualified tree surgeons will have a wide knowledge of tree services and protection, as well as an understanding of the possible impact of their work on surrounding wildlife.

Professional tree surgeons will also need to be aware of current health and safety guidelines and be able to offer a high standard of customer service.

Our Tree Surgeons Will All Hold the Following Certifications as a Minimum:

Cs30, cs31, cs38, cs39,
Level 3 outdoor emergency first aid at work,
Csr card, woodchipper, manual handling and be qualified to use a manual elevated work platform.

What Time of Year is Best to Hire a Tree Surgeon?

For those looking for regular maintenance and care of their trees, it is a good idea to use a Tree surgeon’s services between november and march.

This will make the process of assessing the health of the tree and pruning back branches easier as the tree will already have lost its leaves due to seasonal changes.

However, if you have noticed a change in your tree and are worried about decay or tree death, it is important to call in a tree surgeon as quickly as possible. The sooner a professional is able to assess the issue, the more of the tree you might be able to save.

The safe removal or felling of trees can also be done year round in order to avoid any future problems or safety hazards.

If you need professional tree advice and assistance or simply a quick chat please phone us on 07713 011 700.

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